Coin Laundry Transitional Framed Wall Mirror

$170.00 - $920.00
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This framed mirror's name says it all! Coin Laundry- the main frame actually looks like they're pennies stuck in it and mixed with a simple bronze and decorative gold inner frames, really makes a stunning decorative framed wall mirror! Why can't a mirror be art? We say it can!

Colors: Black-with rubbed gray finish/bronze/gold

Style: Transitional  

Mirror: Flat edge-No bevel. 


Mirror Size  Outside Dimensions
24"x 36" 33-1/2" x 45-1/2"
36" x 48" 45-1/2" x 57-1/2"
37-1/2" x 57-1/2"* 45" x 61"
40" x 60" 49-1/2" x 69-1/2"
36" x 60" 45-1/2" x 69-1/2"


*In stock Ready to Ship-non beveled

All other sizes are made to order. If in need of a custom size please contact us via email or phone.